About Us

PPM is a boutique investment manager founded in 1995. It is managed and owned by its employees and founding members.

PPM manages individual portfolios in Australian and International equities incorporating the specific tax considerations, risk appetite and income requirements of each client.

PPM employs an experienced team of investment managers and professionals in research & portfolio management, investment administration & reporting, settlement, accounting, governance, compliance and general administration. Our staff hold a variety of tertiary qualifications, industry accreditations, and specialist qualifications. Our remuneration structure reflects a philosophy that aligns the manager’s interests with the interests of our clients.

At PPM we hold accomplishment, integrity and acting in the best interest of clients as our highest values.We have a strong internal governance and compliance program to ensure that compliance is a part of our everyday culture.

PPM's corporate image is a 1999 Pilbara Landscape by 1999 Pilbara Landscape - John Walleraccomplished Australian painter John Waller, and is featured in several forms throughout this website and in our publications. This painting was chosen because we believe it represents PPM's services by its distinct character, skilled craftsmanship and unique insight perspective. PPM services are focused on putting our clients' needs first and foremost by providing tailored investment solutions that are well-informed, independent and transparent.

We actively collaborate with advisors and other service providers to help meet the unique needs of institutional investors, family offices, individuals and not-for-profit organisations.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to explain our investment philosophy and processin more detail.Please contact us on (02) 8256 3777 or at ppm@ppmfunds.com