Institutional Investors

- bespoke institutional investing

PPM partners with superannuation funds, pension funds, public sector funds and non-superannuation fund institutional investors to deliver Australian equities investment management to help them achieve their long term investment objectives. 

PPM believes its investment philosophy and focus on quality enhances returns when combined with our forensic research approach. We are a high conviction, after-tax focused investment manager and invest for the medium-to-long term.

Key PPM benefits for Institutional Investors include:

  • Highly experienced professional investment management team
  • Strong track record of capital preservation and above benchmark long term performance
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Benchmark insensitivity
  • A transparent structure and approach to fulfil mandate requirementsincluding the ability to tailor investment parameters, nominate restrictions.
  • Ethical investing options
  • Risk management and rigorous governance
  • Access to a Portfolio Manager dedicated to your Portfolio
  • Regular comprehensive reporting, including performance, tax, transactions, and personal commentary from your dedicated Portfolio Manager
  • Working collaboratively with the organisation's board and management.
  • Flexible custody arrangements of the organisation's choice.
  • Attendance at investment committee meetings.

PPM never loses sight of the individual investors whose day-to-day needs and future depends on our decisions.  At the core of our investment philosophy is an investment process that identifies high-quality companies that demonstrate sound financial strength, long-term sustainability with a persistent competitive advantage, and a strong valuation discipline. We believe, and our results have shown, that well-managed companies with solid fundamentals produce the best long-term returns for our clients. Our investment philosophy favors a concentrated portfolio of predictable, exceptional companies with superior growth potential.