Self-Managed Super Fund Investors

Many individuals have established or participate in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds as a means to ensure greater control and transparency of their retirement investment funds, however the effective management of those investments requires a substantial time commitment and is often best left to professional fund managers with the rigorous investment management discipline to ensure that the funds are actively managed to meet each clients superannuation investment objectives. Changing regulatory, tax reporting and compliance requirements also require considerable attention, PPM works with your financial and tax advisors to proactively manage your SMSF in accordance with these requirements. 

PPM has a strong track record of capital preservation and long term investment management perfomance and is well suited to SMSF investors. Individually Managed Account (IMAs) are an ideal and transparent structure to help meet SMSF investment objectives. IMAs are a discretionary management service whereby clients delegate the day to day investment decisions and implementation of their chosen investment strategy to PPM while retaining the full beneficial ownership of their investments.

You can make regular contributions to further grow your investment as you build your retirement nest egg and during retirement can receive automatic payments directly into your nominated bank account.

The key benefits of PPM for SMSF investors include:

  • Highly experienced professional investment management team
  • Strong track record of capital preservation and above benchmark long term performance – continued investment growth even during retirement
  • Tailored investment management to suit each individual investor
  • Transparency of portfolio holdings and transactions
  • Cost effectiveness  compared to both self-management and relative to unitized managed funds
  • The attributes of direct share ownership, including franking credits and potential tax concessions, and ability to participate in institutional share offerings
  • Safekeeping of assets through an independent custodian
  • Tax effective investment management including the ability to import an existing portfolio taking into consideration taxation implications.
  • Regular contribution and income options
  • Comprehensive Individual reporting, including performance, tax, transactions, and personal commentary (online account access and formal quarterly portfolio performance appraisals, portfolio commentary, and annual tax reporting).