PPM Australia Equities Growth SMA – Lonsec Research Rating Release

We are pleased to announce that PPM Australia Equities Growth SMA has received an independent rating by Lonsec Research. The PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA Model Portfolio is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of Australian equities and is suitable for investors who want to be able to access PPM’s professional investment management expertise via a proven investment model with risk assessed target returns of 10-12% p.a. over a 5 year period.

Whilst PPM is new to Lonsec Research and the rating process, our investment managers have been managing Australian equity portfolios for over 20 years and indeed, this has been highlighted by Lonsec as one of the strengths of the PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA Model Portfolio.

Additional strengths noted by Lonsec include:

  • The Model Portfolio is managed to a long-standing investment philosophy and process.
  • The Model Portfolio has suitable SMA characteristics including being highly concentrated, biased towards large caps and is managed to a tax-aware, low turnover approach.
  • The capability is well-positioned from a capacity standpoint given PPM’s low funds under management.
  • Well-established boutique with a 20-year track record.
  • Competitively priced offering.

Advisers can access the Model Portfolio as an investment option on the following platforms:

  • Hub24
  • OneVue
  • PowerWrap

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For further information about PPM and our SMA or IMA offerings, please do not hesitate to contact Simon Michell on (02) 8256 3777 or sm@ppmfunds.com