Private Portfolio Managers (PPM) is a boutique investment manager founded in 1995. Our Individually Managed Account (IMA) and Separately Managed Account (SMA) solutions enable our clients to access our investment management expertise and proven track record in building and managing Australian and International equities portfolios.

Direct Investment Solutions

PPM’s investment solutions are simple and transparent, with each client retaining the benefits associated with direct ownership.

PPM’s premium IMAs enables our professional investment management services to be tailored to meet each client’s individual tax, income and investment requirements. We will build and manage a bespoke portfolio for you.

PPM’s SMAs enable a greater range of clients to access PPM’s professional management services and core investment strategies. PPM offers both investment and superannuation SMA options.


Our experienced portfolio managers have a proven track record of over 20 years in applying skill and expertise to construct concentrated portfolios that are well positioned to withstand market cycle volatility.


PPM’s experienced investment management professionals have a time tested investment capability extending plus 20 years. PPM is managed and majority owned by its employees and founding members, who invest alongside our clients.


PPM provides a premium tailored client servicing experience. Our individual client focus means that each client has direct access to PPM and their portfolio manager.


Initially our portfolio managers seek to identify thematic trends in the market – to provide a top down filter. We seek to identify those themes that will filter the stock universe to identify sectors and companies that will benefit from that theme. Once a sector or asset class is identified, we employ a rigorous bottom up stock selection process to identify our preferred stocks.

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Our Investment Philosophy

We provide attractive portfolio returns with consideration given to protecting our clients’ capital through market cycles. Underpinning this philosophy is a research driven process that targets attractive long-term themes and the companies that are best positioned to take advantage of them.

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