A PPM Separately Managed Account (SMA)

Private Portfolio Managers Pty Limited (PPM) is a boutique investment manager, with over 25 year performance track record that specialises in the construction and management of direct investment portfolios for long term wealth creation.


The PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA is suitable to individual investors who want to be able to access PPMs professional investment management expertise via a proven investment model.

PPM SMA investors retain the benefits of direct ownership including transparency and portability without the hassles of managing their investments directly. All portfolio administration is undertaken by the platform provider, including dividends, corporate actions, tax record- keeping and reporting. Existing investments can easily be transferred into (or out of) a PPM SMA without triggering capital gains tax consequences. Investors receive annual reporting and have online access 24/ 7 to the holdings of their model portfolio.

SMA Description

PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of Australian equities.

The SMA is risk managed to protect investor capital and take equity positions in Australian companies that have been identified through both a ‘top down’ thematic filter to identify sectors and opportunities, combined with a ‘bottom up’, deep research driven process to assess those companies that offer superior growth prospects over a 5 year term.

Investment Objective & Strategy

PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA investment objective is to maximise long term capital growth total return. The SMA is constructed without consideration for index weighting or other artificial constraints with a strong focus on generating returns, preserving capital and effectively managing tax outcomes.

Investor Profile

PPMs Australian Equities Growth SMA is designed for clients who:
  • require a model Australian equity portfolio;
  • seek long term investment growth in a tax effective manner; and
  • have long-term investment horizon of at least five years and accept the risk of price fluctuations during that period.

SMA Parameters

InvestmentsAustralian Equities
Minimum SMA Investment VariesRefer to the administrative platform
BenchmarkBenchmarked against the S&P ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index may vary. Please refer to the relevant PDS
Investment Horizon5 years + with some volatility
Authorised InvestmentsAustralian equities, Fixed Interest & Cash
Asset Allocation RangesAustralian Equities: 70-98%
Fixed Interest & Cash: 2-30%
Minimum Cash Holding2%
Number of Assets20-25
Single security limit10% of portfolio
Portfolio Turnover<25% per annum
SMA Portfolio Fee (ex. GST)Refer to PDS
Performance FeeNil
SMA date of inceptionSeptember 2017
As at 30 April 2024


Australian Equities
Growth SMA
All Ordinaries
Value Added
1 year % 12.879.942.93
3 year % p.a.10.387.153.23
5 year % p.a.9.538.371.16
10 year % p.a.7.408.06-0.66
15 year % p.a.10.089.510.57

*Performance returns are before fees and taxes and starting from 1 July 2022 includes the value of franking credits. Performance returns are based on the actual aggregate performance of the PPM Australian Equities Growth Individually Managed Account (IMA) portfolios prior to the inception date of the SMA and the actual performance of the Australian Equities Growth SMA from the SMA inception date.

Asset Allocation*

CASH 9.2%

Sector Allocation*


*Asset and Sector allocations are actual as at date of inception.

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The PPM Australian Equities Growth SMA is available for financial advisers through the following administrative platforms:

Please contact these providers directly for further information on how to obtain the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and invest.

If you do not have a relationship with a financial adviser or accountant, PPM may be able to assist you locating one.

Please contact us if you require further assistance.

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