A Distinctive long term approach

In a crowded investment management market place you want to know that your long term wealth management is entrusted to an established professional management team with a strong record of performance.

For over 20 years PPM has managed funds with a distinctive long term approach that has set us apart and added value to our clients. Partnering with our clients and their advisers, PPM’s IMA and SMA portfolios offer a comprehensive investment solution.


Professional Investment Management Team

PPM’s experienced investment management professionals have a time tested investment capability extending plus 20 years. PPM is managed and majority owned by its employees and founding members, who invest alongside our clients.

Proven Australian & Global Equities Strategies

PPM manages strategies across balanced, income and growth style portfolios as well as asset class specific portfolios Australian and Global equities – with a proven track record of building and managing portfolios through investment cycles for over 20 years.

Tailored IMA Portfolios

PPM's premium IMAs enable bespoke portfolio tailoring to meet each client’s investment preferences, risk tolerance & tax considerations. Portfolios may feature prior holdings, ESS positions, investment and ESG restrictions. PPM IMAs are suited to HNW, Institutional and Not-for-Profit investors.

Model SMA Portfolios

PPM's investment and superannuation SMAs enable investors to access PPMs investment management expertise and track record. PPMs SMA models provide hassle free direct investing.

Direct Ownership & Control

Our IMA & SMA clients benefit from the greater control over tax planning, portability and transparency benefits associated with direct beneficial ownership.

World Class Technology & Custody Partners

PPM uses world class portfolio administration technology through SS&C and world class custodial services through National Australia Bank.

Access to Investment Opportunities

We can provide our clients with IPO opportunities and access to other in institutional share offerings – opportunities that as individual direct investors they may not have been able to access.

Premium Customer Service & Reporting

PPM provides direct access to your portfolio manager rather than a 1300 number. 24/7 online access. PPM comprehensive quarterly reporting and end of year tax reporting.

Beneficial features of an SMA & IMAs

The advantages of IMA and SMAs over other available investment structures are clear. Direct ownership, transparency, cost and tax effectiveness are the core benefits for our clients of PPMs IMA and SMA investment management solutions.

The following table details the key features of IMA, SMA and alterative investment structures.

FeatureManaged FundsLICsETFsSMAsIMAs
Tax EfficiencyPoorModerateGoodGoodExcellent
Managed to Particular Tax OutcomeNoSometimesNoNoYes
Direct OwnershipNoNoNoYesYes
Embedded Tax LiabilityOftenOftenSometimesNoNo
Capital Losses can be applied to:Future gains within structureFuture gains within structureFuture gains within structureAny current or future gainsAny current or future gains
Variety of Investment OptionsExcellentGoodModerateModerateModerate
Portfolio ConstructionManager's discretionManager's discretionManager's discretionModel portfolioManager's discretion
Tailored ManagementNoNoNoNoYes
Management Fee Tax DeductibilityNoNoNoNoYes

SMA Solutions

PPM SMAs are suitable for individual investors who working with their financial adviser want to be able to access PPMs professional investment management expertise via a proven investment model.

Portfolio Profile

IMA Solutions

IMAs provide the key benefits of direct transparent ownership and the tailored investment management for individual investors, family offices, SMSFs, charitable organisations and Private Ancillary Funds.

Portfolio Profile