PPM announced as finalist in the IMAP 2022 Managed Account Awards

Private Portfolio Managers has been announced as a finalist for the IMAP 2022 Managed Account Awards in the International Equities category. This follows PPM being recognised in the same category in 2019.

PPM has been providing investment management through Individually Managed Account (IMA) services to clients for over 20 years. In October 2017, PPM moved to offer this same expertise via the PPM Global Equities Growth SMA to clients of advisers through platforms.

“We believe the PPM SMA offering to be a really good product. What it does is offer total transparency to the client and we think that transparency is absolutely vital. Clients really need to know what assets they hold and with an SMA they can see every stock that’s in the portfolio. It gives the client a clear view that the Investment Manager is doing what they say they’re doing.”

PPM SMAs are suitable for individual investors who want to be able to access PPMs professional investment management expertise via a proven investment model.

PPM SMA Investors retain the benefits of direct ownership including transparency and portability without the hassles of managing their investments directly. All portfolio administration is undertaken by the platform provider, including dividends, corporate actions, tax record- keeping and reporting. Existing investments can easily be transferred into (or out of) a PPM SMA without triggering capital gains tax consequences.

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