IMAP Award

PPM Global Equities Growth SMA finalist for IMAP 2019 Managed Account Awards

PPM’s Global Equities Growth SMA has been announced as a finalist for the IMAP 2019 Managed Account Awards in the International Equities category.

“We are extremely pleased that the well-established investment philosophy of PPM has been recognised through our Global Equities Growth SMA” said Hugh MacNally, Executive Chairman and founder of PPM.

PPM has been providing investment management through Individually Managed Account (IMA) services to clients for over 20 years. In October 2017, PPM moved to offer this same expertise via the PPM Global Equities Growth SMA to clients of advisers through platforms.

“We saw the demand towards a more transparent investment model increasing and took the opportunity to provide our well tested investment management expertise to retail investors using the technological and administrative benefits of platforms.” said Mr MacNally.

PPM Global Equities Growth SMA is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of international equities listed on major global exchanges. The SMA is risk managed to protect investor capital and take equity positions in companies that have been identified through a ‘top down’ thematic filter to identify sectors and opportunities. This is combined with a ‘bottom up’, deep research driven process to assess those companies that offer superior growth prospects over a 5 year term.

As at 30th April 2019, the PPM Global Equities Growth SMA generated a return of 20.5% over a year and 11.1% over ten years before fees. An SMA provides advisers with a low-cost retail solution for clients to access global equities exposure without the hassle of dealing with international exchanges and currency challenges.

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